A Community Online Radio Station for Fenland 


About More Muzic Media Group

More Muzic Media Group is a not-for-profit organisation, offering a wide range of developmental opportunities to those across Fenland looking to build on their self-worth, gain confidence, develop better communication skills and learn additional social skills including team working. We also provide educational support with IT and written and verbal skills.



We strive to engage with disadvantage groups of the community including the unemployed, elderly, youths, lone parents, those suffering mental health issues, people with disabilities and learning difficulties and anyone who has an interest in media and broadcasting. Our training instills a sense of worth and motivation to allow people to gain experience through media training, encouraging them to be self disciplined, motivated, committed and to help with self esteem.


We actively support other charities and organisations within the region by offering promotion and publicity of their causes, fundraising and events through our ‘Community First’ programme. This offers such organisations free advertising throughout the year as well as editorial support.

Matt Page