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Saturday Brunch with Paul Whitwell

Hi, I am Paul Whitwell, Whittlesey born and bred, I now live and work in London, we moved to London in 2018, now a resident of Crystal Palace.
My first music influences, would be 70's Glam rock, my major influence would be 80's rock, and the 80's in general, going to many concerts and festivals, seeing a lot of bands, with my dad being a former teddy boy, and two brothers into Mod, Ska, two tone, and me, into Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Iron Maiden and of course the one and only Queen, we had a varied mixture of music being listened to,
Whittlesey also had a big northern soul, Motown following, made me appreciate music of all genre's.

As an avid follower of More Muzic Radio, and a friend of Matt page, we came up with a phone in (the London correspondent) on Matt's Bigger Breakfast Show. Bringing London news and gossip to fenland.

I now have my own show, Saturday Brunch Saturday mornings 10am to 12 noon, based extensively around my music experiences during the 80's and 90's, with bringing a mix of local bands and my total appreciation of music in general.

I have a spot in the show, called hidden link, 3 or more songs with a hidden link, keeping the listener wondering and pondering the answer, also first Saturday of the month, my partner Janet Wilkinson does an hour of "other songs" songs from classic hit albums, that are the overlooked gems on the album.

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