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Sim and Tim

Tim Booth is an eclectic Mod who has been part of the scooter scene for a while now! He likes all types of music, from Mod, Ska, Northern and punk through to Psychobilly, rock & roll even some Blue Grass. Definitely not heavy metal.

Sim Moeller has loved the Scooterist scene since the 80s, massive 2Tone & SKA fan and also has a passion for all things Punk & OI! Still enjoys going to see all the old bands but is loving the new stuff coming through.

Together, these two old mates who share the same taste in music, love their hobby of talking rubbish & playing classic tunes on their More Muzic Radio Show. If you enjoy a mix of Ska, Reggae, Northern Soul, Punk & loads more, tune in every Tuesday - You’ll love it too!!!

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