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Steve Payne

Dr. Steven Payne is 58 years old and is not yet dead.

Leaving University in 1983 he played Badminton for England, then worked variously as a Martial Arts Instructor, movie SFX Designer, Laboratory Chemist, Actor (appearing in ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Robin Hood’) and a musician, recording a number 1 album with Mike Oldfield in 1990.

Returning to University in 1995 he qualified as a Physics Teacher, then ran the national SATS tests for the Department of Education for several years.

In 2015 he returned to University again, this time to complete a PhD in Medieval History.

He rides a penny farthing and plays 16 musical instruments (not all at the same time), including the world’s only double-neck midibass.
He is a ‘Gentleman Adventurer’, becoming the first person to cross the Alps by spacehopper in 2018, the first person to cross Wales by coracle in 2016 and the first person since the middle ages to walk the pilgrimage route to Canterbury in fully medieval clothing.

Dr. Payne was voted ‘Eccentric of the Year’ by the Eccentric Society in 2020, and is currently planning to ride his penny farthing from London to Paris wearing a suit of armour when Covid regulations allow.
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